About Us

Here at Ambush Hunting Apparel we are proud of our passion to hunt!
We want this label to represent that passion on the field and in everyday living. 
When founder Gaby, began harvesting her own game meat this is when the true love for hunting was born.
She knew what it was like to provide food on the table for the family and what this in turn meant for the farmers and the land. 

Going back to her childhood and travelling away on those family holidays (hunting trips), it was never a subject that was really appreciated by others when she spoke about it. 
But knowing the good that we hunters do, not just as conservationist, but for our hardworking Australian farmers there is no way the topic of hunting was going to be a hush subject for her any longer.
To be able to live and provide for our friends & family, live a sustainable life and pass on this passion to our kids is something so special that we as hunters can hold close to our hearts and know that what we do is nothing short of positive. 

This is when Ambush Hunting Apparel was created. 
Be proud to be a hunter, be damn proud and wear these garments with pride. Show that this is what you live to do and what you love to do!
~ Live for your passion everyday ~