I’m woken to the faint smell of coffee in the fresh morning air; I kick off the sheets and jump out of bed.
It's still dark as I lace up my hunting boots and put my gear in the ute.

The sun is just staring to peek out over the hills as our boots hit the dirt and I have a blanket of worry hit me hard and fast all of a sudden; I’ve never hunted goats before, will I even be able to tell them apart from deer?

It wasn’t long at all before I found out all my worrying was for nothing.
Hubby and I found ourselves fifty meters or so off a mob but no shot was offered so we were going to have to stalk in closer; just as we closed the gap the wind changed and I could feel that light breeze on the back of my neck and off ran the mob. We just got winded.

We had tracked to the next ridge, were glassing and having a bite to eat; not exactly being particularly quiet either.
Then without warning 3 nanny’s walked out from behind a salt bush 20 yards ahead of us and started grazing.

Hubby whispered you’re up; my heart was beating out of my chest as I snuck in another 5 yards towards the salt bush to get cover.
It wasn’t long and the closest critter turned broadside, I lined my pin up and sent that arrow flying; It felt good, I felt confident.
Then I heard the sound of splitting wood; something wasn’t right.
I had completely missed and hit a root poking out of the ground right at the goats feet.

They didn’t spook so I knocked another arrow right away and without thinking heart still racing I found my target threw my peep, placed that pin and sent that arrow. Again I felt confident but just like the last, this shot fell short and this time I watched the goats turn and hightail it out of there.
I looked back at my husband confused as to what just happened.
My confused eyes found his disappointed ones and not disappointed at me but for me.  

I now check and triple check my surroundings.. turns out there was a tiny twig my arrow hit both times causing a slight deflection.

It was a long and silent drive home that trip.

Happy hunting, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Written by Sammy Grodecki

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